Located at 3 Chodźki Str., the real property comprises residential units and garages. The building lies on a 7,634 m2 plot.

Located near the Medical University of Lublin and the PSK4 Teaching Hospital, this real property has an exceptional appeal to it. Flats in this area are especially popular among students and university staff.

FS Holding owns 18 residential units with a total usable floor area of 867.20 m2, 37 garage units with a total usable floor area of 677.44 m2 and an interest in the perpetual usufruct rights to a 974.56 m2 plot of land.

Measuring from 32 to 54 m2 in area, the single and double rooms are furnished and intended for rental.

Some of the garages have been sold, with the remaining ones being made available for rental and sale.