Management Board of FS Holding S.A.:

Jerzy Sławek - President of the Board:


  • Education: Graduated from the John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin, Faculty of Law.
  • Experience:
    • Since 1998, he has run his own consulting company, which now operates as Kancelaria Prawnicza INLEX Jerzy Sławek, in the capacity of a bankruptcy trustee/supervisor/manager.
    • On 23 September 2008, he was the first person in Poland to be granted a bankruptcy trustee licence. Since then, he has been involved in bankruptcy proceedings conducted by the courts of Lublin, Zamość and Warsaw.
    • Dean of the Polish Chamber of Licensed Bankruptcy Trustees.
    • In February 2011, he was appointed the President of the Board of a company that acted as the trustee in composition proceedings of Stocznia Szczecińska Nowa Sp. z o.o. (the proceedings were closed on 4 November 2011), as well as Stocznia Gdynia S.A., with regard to which, the company has been acting in this capacity to this day.
    • Invited by the Minister of Economy, in November 2011, he represented Poland during the 40th session of the 5th UNICITRAL “bankruptcy law” working group in Vienna and during the 41st session in New York.
    • He is member of the Ministry of Justice Examination Board responsible for bankruptcy trustee licensing examination, and is also member of the Minister of Justice Committee on the Changes in the Bankruptcy and Reorganisation Law.
    • He has dealt with all kinds of bankruptcy proceedings, including arrangement and reorganisation proceedings.
    • Between July 2012 and July 2013, he was Chairman of the Supervisory Board of FS Holding S.A.

Supervisory Board of FS Holding S.A.

- Jerzy Łopatyński - Chairman of the Board
- Michał Kowalewski - Vice Chairman of the Board
- Kazimierz Woźniak - Secretary of the Board
- Zenon Stachowiaki - Member of the Board
- Bożena Sarna-Wysocka - Member of the Board